Vikash Gupta Shree Outsourcing Arrested

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Vikash Gupta Arrested

Vikash Gupta, Vicky Gupte of Shree Outsourcing has been arrested and is under police custody. All of you shud coordinate with me on -

We are looking out for his partners Prashant Bhatt ( Gangapur Road, Nasik ) and Atul Kshetere ( Banglaore, Pune ) and will keep on posting messages as per updated.

Vikash Gupta is finished once and for all. His partners have taken all the cash and he is helping in trying to track them down.

Vikash Gupta, Vicky Gupte, Shree Outsourcing arrested and will go to jail soon. Hip Hip Hurray Hip Hop Hurray God is Great!

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